Mapalus Mokupa Manado - Natural Handmade Soap

History of Mapalus Mokupa

Mapalus Mokupa is a legally registered NGO / LSM (Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat) in Indonesia, founded in 2008 by a small of group of people who wished to help poor people in the local community find a livelihood. Roughly translated, Mapalus means "Helping Each Other" in the local Manadonese dialect.

Rather than acting as a charity seeking donations, the founders decided it would be better for Mapalus Mokupa to manufacture a product that they know is always in demand and which local people could be trained to manufacture - that product is SOAP.

In mid 2009 Mapalus Mokupa began experimenting in the production of soap. The intention was, wherever possible, to use locally grown ingredients, to further support the local economy but also to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the need to transport materials from outside the province.

Using advice from books, the internet and existing soap producers who kindly supported us, after about six months of trial and error we were finally able to produce our first commercial standard soaps. It was a proud day, which gave us hope of a brighter future for some people in need.

Our Soaps

Our first sales of soap started in April 2010 and has so far been from the local tourism sector, which is mainly dive centres and resorts. The first to place orders were:
Our intention is to seek further orders from other dive centres, resorts and hotels throughout North Sulawesi province. As a registered non-profit organization, any proceeds from the sale of soap will be put back into producing more stock and maybe later into expanding our offering or making new long as it leads to increased employment of local people so they are no longer required to be on welfare.

Natural Handmade Soap

Bathroom Card
Bathroom Card